Sharon Lips Micropigmentation Advance Course

8 students

Pigmentation for lips is semi-permanent makeup technique. This is not a tattoo, but innovation techniques that pigmentations are introduced into the epidermis and more particularly into the fundamental cell layer. Micropigmentation is used widely in the medical area. Today in medical applications Micropigmentation or Dermatographic is used instead of a tattoo. This method is used to treat dermal conditions, scars, burns, and eyebrows formation; marking in endoscopies, iris micropigmentation, the virus caused cutaneous conditions. For example in cleft lip plastic surgery, the red colour of lip gets mixed with skin colour because lips are not getting their natural form yet. The only way to restore the natural colour is by using micropigmentation. You can keep your make up in all 24 hours of the day. Heat and sweat cannot change your lip, eyebrow or eyes make up. As you know getting beautiful with this method is not painless and stress-free. Skin is one of the most important body organs that need its own special everyday care. If you are going to get micropigmentation, you need to take physicians advise seriously. Machines, pigments and disposable materials used for this treatment must comply with medical standards, otherwise it will cause irrecoverable damages to both artist and client. As part of the program, we will provide tips on how to attain this great result and show you the best secrets of our techniques.


$ 2,000

2 Replies to “Sharon Lips Micropigmentation Advance Course”

  1. Good morning, my name is Cristina, I am interested in your advanced course lips micropigmentation. 5 years ago
    I did already one course in other schools about lip microigmentation,
    So I am looking for new techniques.
    I would like to know, when will start the course,the place, how many days.
    My email is
    [email protected] con
    Thank you
    Cristina Zuzic

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We are very pleased to hear you consider doing your advanced course with us.
      I have emailed you the Lips Micropigmentation Advance course information.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any further information.

      Kind regards,
      The team at Sharon Academy

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